1. The holy Ganga

    2016-05-23 11:41:00 UTC
    This, for Hindus, sacred river is one of the most polluted in the world. People bath in it, wash their clothes in it and for many people living next to the river it is the only water source. Yearly thousands of dead Hindu bodies are being burned here and their…

  2. The Taj

    2016-05-22 14:25:00 UTC
    Many Indian restaurants all over the world are called after this building, the Taj Mahal. Everyone that visits India goes to the mausoleum in Agra made of marmer. Of course I went there too, though in my eyes its totally overrated.. It is a nice building for sure but India…

  3. Visiting a neighbour

    2016-05-21 10:59:00 UTC
    In the early morning I visited Kuwa, a small village close to Janakpur in Nepal. The village is known for the artwork of the Maithili women. This woman was having a social talk with one of her neighbours.

  4. Harar

    2016-05-20 11:55:00 UTC
    This girl was walking to the evening market in Harar, an Ethiopian Islamic city in eastern Ethiopia. The city has small alleys and colorful houses. In the early evening it gets busy with local people carrying stuff to sell at the evening market next to the city’s entrance gate.

  5. Vitiligo

    2016-05-19 11:57:00 UTC
    In India and Nepal I saw relatively many people with the skin disease Vitiligo. This man was walking on the streets of Janakpur, a small city in Nepal. 

  6. Praying woman

    2016-05-16 18:36:00 UTC
    On a hot day in Kathmandu I walked up the long stairs to the Buddhist Swayambhunath temple. This temple is also known as the ‘Monkey Temple’ as there are a lot of monkeys around the complex. When I arrived at the top I saw this woman praying. 

  7. How it all started

    2015-12-11 13:46:00 UTC
    When I was young horses were my passion. I was determined to start my own stable and become a very good horse rider. I always brought my camera with me to the stable and took pictures of the horses. At that time there were no digital cameras yet and I…

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