How it all started

When I was young horses were my passion. I was determined to start my own stable and become a very good horse rider. I always brought my camera with me to the stable and took pictures of the horses. At that time there were no digital cameras yet and I had to buy the now so ‘old fashioned’ camera rolls. When I was about 16/17 years old I didn’t know what to study. I was thinking about photography but was scared to choose for something that was so difficult to make a living off. And all the camera equipment was, and still is, so expensive.. So I choose something different and studied to become a goldsmith and finished a studies in Communication Science. 

Photography never went out of my system and every time I went on holiday I brought my camera with me. I bought a 2nd hand digital SLR camera and later a new one. My photos were getting better and I was getting more into it. Many people made compliments about my pics and were telling me I had to do something with my talent.. It didn’t convince me, there are so many good photographers out there, why would I try to compete with them..? 

In May 2015 I was in China. There I lost my camera.. I was really sad because I still had two weeks left of a 4 month trip. How could I spend those weeks without a camera..? I bought a compact camera and realized I really wanted my SLR back. So when I came home I decided to go for one of the best. The full frame Canon 5D Mark III. I immediately liked it. 

In the end of 2015, before I went on a trip to Ethiopia, I was asked to do some paid photography jobs. I came back from this trip with some really nice shots and decided to start doing something with my photography skills in Amsterdam, my hometown. I made this website and a Facebook page ( I do it next to my other job - goldsmith at Nanini Jewelry, And for who would like to know, horses are no part of my life anymore, now I’m into salsa dancing :)

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